The 10 Biggest Cycling Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

Whether they’re mountain bikers or roadies, cyclists are often their own worst enemies when it comes to training. Repair your routine by eliminating these ten common mistakes

rom pro riders to weekend warriors, these ten mistakes are the plague of the peloton. Luckily, they’re easy to correct. With the help of renowned coaches Dr. Allen Lim of Skratch Labs and Chris Mayhew of JBV Coaching, we came up with these tips to help you avoid cycling’s most serious pitfalls and tighten up your workout routine more than ever before.

Cycling Mistake #10: Training Like a Pro

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Recovery is the key to adaptation and increased fitness, but the pros aren’t your best role models. While a three-hour-long ride may be an easy day for Cadel Evans, that likely makes up more than a quarter of your weekly training volume. No matter how easy you ride, you’re not going to be recovering if you’re out for three hours, Mayhew says.

The Fix: Take recovery days, but realize they don’t have to be on the bike. Spend the day doing yard work or catching-up with family instead of fretting over your heart rate. Total rest might work for the pros, but you don’t need to confine yourself to the couch.

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