Best Backpacking Gear List for Women Travelers + Free Checklist

Hunting for the best backpacking gear list? You want to travel light, have the best travelling essentials for backpackers and ensure you’re safe and prepared right? No sweat. We’ve got this. I’ve tried many products, packed totally unnecessary stuff and therefore honed and refined my ultimate packing list for women over the last 8 years, so you get it right first time.It’s time to grab your lightweight backpack, passport and venture! Read my advice, print your free checklist, and choose what is best for you. Let’s go!


Don’t miss an item! Everything you need for every kind of trip is here!

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Travelling essentials for backpackers

Passport and visas

Unless you’re travelling entirely within your own country, you won’t get very far without your passport and any relevant visas. Don’t forget them.

Looking for the ultimate backpacking gear list for women? Going on an adventure and packing the right things need not be stressful. Everything you need for all conditions is here. Make sure to download your *FREE* checklist and get your packing list for women right first time.

Money and Cards

Save money before you travel then make sure that you have different ways to access cash in an emergency.

Check out which bank accounts and credit cards give the best rates and charge the lowest fees for overseas use too. Don’t forget to compare terms for ATM withdrawals and card purchases. Having local currencyin small denominations can be a blessing when you’re paying for transportation, small snacks and leaving tips too.


Carrying a crisp, clean 100 dollar bill in a safe place can be an excellent ultimate emergency backup plan.

There are few places in the world where you won’t be able to exchange it for local currency. It should be enough to pay for a couple of night’s accommodation and feed you whilst you work out any problems.

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