9 Home Security Life Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed

Your home should be a sanctuary of comfort and safety. But even if you live in one of the safest cities in America, there’s a chance your home could be burglarized. After all, a break-in occurs every twenty seconds in the United States. Here’s the good news: there are many simple steps you can take to boost your home security.

Whether you want to add to your existing home security system or you’re just looking to make your home less vulnerable to an intruder, our home security life hacks are likely to help. Not a seasoned DIYer? Don’t worry. Most of these hacks are super easy and surprisingly low-budget.

Here are our top home security tips for making your home a safer place.

Start by Assessing Possible Security Weaknesses

Protecting your home starts with becoming aware of its security vulnerabilities. Take our home security quiz to help identify security weakness. Based on your answers, we’ll generate a custom report that scores the security of your home and gives you additional tips for ways to secure your home to help fortify it against criminals.

Download a Crime-Tracking App

Once you’ve addressed your home’s immediate security vulnerabilities, it’s time to become more aware of the crime taking place in and around your neighborhood. With this knowledge, you can take additional precautions to keep your belongings and family safe. Thanks to technology, crime stats are right at your fingertips. Download CrimeReports, SpotCrime, or another SafeWise-approved crime-tracking tool to keep tabs on wrongdoings in your neighborhood.

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