5 Fatal Mistakes not to make on a Jungle Hike

Hiking in the jungle is an awesome adventure, which you should not miss if you visit the tropics.

You can meet all kinds of wildlife, see waterfalls, giant trees, rugged cliffs and feel the raw power of naturein places where man hardly ever set foot. It is amazing!

However, when you go on a hiking adventure through the jungle, you should avoid making these 5 mistakes, which could cost you your life:

5 Potentially Fatal Mistakes you should not make when you are going on a Jungle Hike:

jungle mistakes

We made all of those mistakes on our first jungle hike at Mt Whitfield in the North of Australia.

It got us into the uncomfortable situation to be lost in the jungle at nightfall, without water, without a torch, without a tent or even a jacket, without a clue where we are and with the prospect of millions of critters and snakes eating us alive in the dark.

So how did we get into this mess? This is the story about what we did wrong at our first jungle hike and what we learned from our mistakes for future jungle expeditions. (Yup, we went back to the jungle after that.)

Mistake #1: Consider the time it takes to get to the trail.

We left the house around 1 pm, thinking we have plenty of time to go on a quick hike in the afternoon. It was a wonderful hot day and since we did not have a car and did not want to spend money on public transport when the destination was just a 30min walk away, we decided to go to the trail on foot.

It was a nice walk, partly along the beach, all in the greatest weather. However, since it was hot, we used up 1 of the two bottles of water that we brought along for the hike already on the way there. And we used up precious time and energy, walking in over 30° C. We also had to take a long detour because of a construction site blocking the road, which cost us almost another half hour, because we had to approach the mountain from the other side and had trouble finding the entrance to the trail.

We had to cross a river and could not find a bridge, so we had to walk for a long time along its banks until we finally found a way to cross to take us to the mountain.

river jungle

Mistake #2: Don’t take heavy, big things

At around 2:30pm we found the entrance to the hiking trail. It was a path that led first up the mountain to a lookout point and then in a loop around the crest, where there are waterfalls and streams.

We had seen on the map that there were several lakes and streams near the trail we planned to hike, so we took our fishing rods and gear to take a fishing break on the way and hopefully catch some dinner while we are out there.

This proved to be a huge mistake, as the weight of the rods as well as their length slowed us down during the entire walk because we got caught on trees and felt the additional kilograms especially towards the end of the day. We did not plan to go far with them that day, but you never know what happens.

We did spend a lot of time near a river, but since we did not want to fish before the hike, we had to carry the rods with us the whole way and ended up not even using them. Being lost and all…

So we had found the entrance to the trail and first had to climb up a steep winding road to the peak of the mountain. It was no easy going, crawling over rocks and through bamboo at 30+°C in the afternoon heat. But it was fun and the view was rewarding.

mountain view

On the top, we had a beautiful view on the sea and the forest and congratulated ourselves on getting through the hard part of the trail…

jungle hike

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