11 worst cycling kit blunders

We like to think of ourselves as pretty style-conscious cyclists here at Cycling Weekly. Of course, we’re not infallibile, but are still well placed to offer advice on the kit choices that should be avoided at all costs.

White shorts

FDJ-BigMat chase, Criterium du Dauphine 2012, stage threeLet’s hope it doesn’t rain

Let’s start with the cardinal sin of cycling kit: white shorts. Although no one seems to have told the designers of FDJ’s team kit, there is simply no excuse for white shorts. Yes they might be a little cooler in hot weather, or could look better with your white jersey, but the fundamental problem is that white lycra is see-though.

Get caught in wet weather on the club run and your mates will be given a close-up view of your derriere, and you’ll be swiftly dispatched to the back of the group where you will at least serve a purpose by forcing drivers to give you a wide berth.

Put simply black shorts are the ideal option – and used to be the only option allowed in races, with riders being fined for wearing Castelli’s green ones in the 1981 Giro. Add a splash of colour to match jersey or club kit as required.

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