10 Watercolor Painting Hacks

We all like to give a good-natured ribbing to those folks on House Hunters that see the paint color on the wall as a major obstacle on their homebuying journey. “It’s so cheap and easy to paint!” we say.

You know what? I’ll say it: Painting is not always cheap and it’s certainly not easy. Not that I think you should pass up your dream home if the bathroom is a shade of yellow you’re not jibing with. But I do think we could all stand to learn a few tips and tricks that make painting—and, most importantly, the eventual cleanup—easier.

Here are 12 smart tips and hacks that will make your next painting project spotless and splatter-free.


As soon as you open the can, poke a hole in the very bottom of the rim with a hammer and nail, as shown here in a video from PaintCare. The hole lets paint drip down to avoid paint sitting in the rim—making a mess later when you go on to close the lid.


From the same PaintCare video, here’s a tip to make pouring paint easier: Take two wide strips of painter’s tape and use them to create a “V” shape on the edge of the can.

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